Magic is a fun and effective way to celebrate every occasion. The art of magic can also be shared multiple ways. Consequently, every magic engagement booked is tailored to my client’s needs.

The length of the show, level of sophistication, and selection of illusions that I possess allow me to entertain a wide spectrum of people. Magical presentations are a clean, family oriented, form of entertainment that focuses on sophisticated sleight of hand and situational humor.

Want to add Illusion, Magic, and sophistication to your event? I deliver packages to every age and every audience size. Engagements include: Children’s parties. Adult Parties. Anniversaries. Weddings. Grad Nights. School Events. Holiday Engagements. Company Picnics. Etc.

Book a Show in the McKinney, Texas Area or Beyond!

Close Up Magic

Known as “close up” or “strolling magic”, this format of magic entertains people in smaller type settings. Illusions happen in participant’s hands and inches from their face. This type of magic is perfect for events such as: “cocktail hour”, “Wedding Receptions”, “Intimate Dinner Parties”, and other loosely structured social events. Smaller groups will experience tailored magic that: highlights special events, emphasize themes, create an atmosphere of wonder, and leave participants in awe.

Parlor Magic - Birthday Party

This format is presented to an entire group simultaneously and is usually done in a: home, school, banquet room, or outdoor/picnic area. Engagements are customized for each client to include themes or highlight the special occasion. The audience is always involved!

Performances run between 30-45 minutes depending on the client’s needs, can involve an assistant, and may incorporate some furry friends.


Children's Parties

Engagements Start at $250.00

Classic Package:

Ideal for Ages 4-6

  • 30-Minutes Magic Show
  • Audience Participation
  • Customized Theme
  • Personalized Souvenir for Birth Child - Star of Show
Deluxe Package:

Ideal for Ages 7+

  • 40-Minute Magic Show
  • Audience Participation
  • Customized Theme
  • Personalized Souvenir for Birth Child - Star of Show
  • Close-Up Magic Presentation at Beginning - End of Performance
Additional Services for Children's Parties:
  • Magic Lessons
  • Magic Tricks/Kits
  • Magic Books

Grand Illusions

Grand illusions incorporate the use of an assistant and are meant to simultaneously share the magic experience with larger audience sizes. It’s not uncommon to see people float, vanish, or get cut in half.

This type of magic requires a larger type setting and is usually best suited for a location such as an auditorium or theater…think Las Vegas.

Stages, platforms, and risers are not necessary, but are definitely helpful. There is no set audience size for this type of event. I have performed large illusions for audiences as small as 40 people and as many as 3,000.

Grand Illusions can be customized so audience members can participate by vanishing/appear etc. Want to make the CEO vanish? Cut the Department Head in half? We can do that…



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